Why we do

Our mission is to elevate small and medium-sized businesses' image and illuminate their paths with the correct strategies, in order to face bigger scales companies, and compete at an international level.


What we do

We believe and pursue an effective strategical design combined with a beautiful approach. We put the ink when the brand is a blank paper.


William was a gentleman to work with, very patient throughout every stage. He delivers great professional opinion to your ideas which helps the process. I am very happy with the end result completely toped my expectations.

james Beaumont
Owner of MaleFocus

We asked for an A, but they always come back with an A+. They always brings fresh and appropriate ideas to the table.

John Mayer
CEO of Flagger

They have designed the most outstanding logo of my country. I am immensely delighted for his dedication. A year after, he came to us saying that he had win an international design award with our company's logo.

Mario Belluci
Owner of Gelato

William, the creative director, is a great person to work with. He captured the soul of my business and constructed my brand. He showed us the WHY of our brand and HOW we should make our WHAT.

Zhang Heng
CEO at Meili

William is a fantastic professional. Not only he is creative but also efficient. He clearly masters graphic design techniques and web design and he has an eye for detail. Highly recommended!

Miguel Sanchis

Ink's work turns brands into beautiful and exquisite pieces of art. They have introduced me to a new world! I am looking forward to Ink's design enhance the taste of Chinese products, and expand the international influence of Chinese products. Only our own country has increased its prestige in the international arena, which has made all countries in the world admire! The Chinese can only be proud of themselves overseas.

Yu Lan
School DIrector

I have been working with them for many years, and their service is as considerate as the first day. Through careful design and planning, my brand has become one of the biggest in its area in Mexico.

Oscar Zhou
Owner of Charmacy

Brands we've left our ink in:

I’ve spent my last years working in and for internationally recognised companies on the areas of branding, project management, and marketing. I don’t want to waste these experiences. I want to use it to help those small companies that are in the need of it.

william lovecraft branding logo design
William Lovecraft
Founder & Creative Director at Ink