The context

Extrastar is a producer and distributor of electric material and lighting products, present in many countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Greece, Portugal, Italy, and the United States. It first became well-known in Spain for its batteries, and to date, it is still called "the king of the batteries", as its market share is bigger than companies like Panasonic and Duracell.

As time passes, the company has launched a wide variety of products, diversifying its categories into 4 big blocks: LED lighting, Electric Material, Batteries, and Digital Accessories. After the big success in the retail and B2B market, Extrastar has decided to expand the business. The company is planning to open digital distribution channels, and a brand new category: smart digital products.

We are helping Extrastar to position itself on the digital market, as new products and sales channels bring new competitors. We have also refreshed their brand's identity by creating new, and more responsive designs and digital products.

The addition of a pictorial mark to the actual wordmark opens a big door for us. The need for responsiveness on small scales and different devices wasn't a thing 20 years ago when the logo was first created.

We have created a unique icon with the silhouette of a star that represents a shopping cart. Until 2019, Extrastar was mainly the manufacturer and distributor, and only faced the final user of the products in a small retailing shop. But as it is opening its doors to the consumers (selling directly through Amazon, AliExpress, Website, and B2B app), we've believed it to be the right decision to transmit this upgrade with the shopping cart element.

We've successfully prototyped their e-commerce website's design and user-flow, having in mind the correct use of the page, through funnel strategies, and other marketing campaigns.

After effective rounds of prototyping and revisions, we have developed the website through WordPress using custom-designed pages. We have integrated the e-commerce system with Woocommerce, and other marketing functions with third parties plugins such as MailChimp and Facebook Pixel.

You can visit the website here.

Due to the successful opening of new sales channels and diversification of products, Extrastar was preparing to take a step forward. A new category line of Smart Products was launching, and our job was to emulate the success they've accomplished in the past. We've worked on new packaging, messaging, advertising campaigns, social media, and most importantly, a new brand.

ExtraHouse is the final name of the sub-brand that focuses on smart products. We've implemented a new logo, messaging, app design, and branding to it.

One of our priorities on visual design is cohesiveness with the parent brand. We have taken elements from the previous branding, recycled them, and built ExtraHouse with them. One of the most obvious results is the new logo design.

New channels, products, and business models are a big part of our collaboration with Extrastar. However, B2C retailing, and B2B marketing assets are also on our priorities list. We help Extrastar in the creation of video advertising campaigns, posters, social media, and some very specific retail rack designs.