The context

A branding agency in Madrid (Spain), dedicated to build, design, and manage purpose-driven companies. We believe in and pursue an effective strategical design combined with a beautiful approach.

Our mission is to elevate small and medium-sized businesses' image and illuminate the paths with the correct strategies, in order to face bigger scales companies, and compete at an international level. We put the ink when the brand is blank paper.

This is the presentation of our own brand identity.

We have designed a flexible set of icons, built from the most minimal expression of the logo, the drop of ink. These icons are the soul of the brand. They can appear in different forms, each of them having a concrete meaning, such as the compass, the flower, and the North Star. By showcasing the construction of the icons, we have managed to create a story that tells who are we, whom we help, and how we do it.


We went after a flexible, and consistent messaging, always having an aesthetic describer followed by the brands' attributes we most care about. With this, we want to emphasize our beliefs, where aesthetic and effectiveness are equally important.