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Learning logo design made fun and easy to remember.

Logo Analogy has compiled the most important secrets and principles of logo design, explained in the form of analogies with real-life stories.

william lovecraft book logo analogy learn logo design easy fun

For who is it?

 You are new to graphic design and want to learn more

You want to know more about logo design specifically

You don't have a clear designing process

You want to learn new tips on the logo design execution

You want to land better clients and charge higher

Talk no more!

What's inside?

The book is divided into 3 sections: Principles, Production, and Presentation of logo design. There are 37 chapters in total, with a very concrete message in each one. Each page is accompanied by an image, which will help you to understand and remember the core idea.

Fits in every screen

Improved responsiveness and readability since the first release of the eBook. In this last upgrade, you'll find all custom imagery and better adapted screens.


Short and fun chapters, with straight-forward information. Condensed format to ensure your direct and fast learning.

I have to say the way you have set the whole layout is pretty unique. It's making the book easily readable and engaging! It will definitely add a lot of value for the young designers.

Aakash Patel

I like the way you explained things by giving an example to each part of the logo design process and also the bonus you included at the end of the book. I learned some new stuff that I didn't know about before.

Moncef Arajdal

The layout is beautifully clean and clear. There is a huge amount of knowledge inside. I love the use of analogy to use relatability in the teaching. That’s very clever.

Jacob Hedges

The Book Logo Analogy gave me the clarity of my style and the designs around us. This book broadened my perspective about design and it’s working in our subconscious mind. I can now see analogies everywhere and I have started using it at some places. Thanks to William to tell how powerful analogies are.

Harshit Panwar

William’s guidebook is one of the best formulated e-book’s I’ve read by far. It contains important subjects when it comes down to the execution of a logo. It goes from guiding the fundamentals of how a logo should be, to the process, bonus tips and even a little of humour with metaphors. It has a little of everything a beginner, even an experienced designer should know to spice their graphic career. I would recommend it to any freelancer, no matter their level of expertise.

Andrea C. Negrón

For it's price, you're surely getting more! It's easy to understand, and that's why I love it so much. As the title suggests, everything is an analogy of something, that's why nothing feels alienated to me. A good book to read about logo design!

The message was well executed! The analogies were on the spot and made it easy to remember. It's balanced between words and great images. It was a great book.

Kelso Lineus

Logo Analogy is a really good book for designers. The reason being it's easy to understand. I didn't find the language hard to interpret and the real life examples are the best part. The other day someone asked me why logos are so important and I end up quoting from William's book and I was surprised how I remember so many examples from this book. Definitely give it a read people.

Logo analogy is one of the best books I've read and as a beginner designer, iI have learned a lot from this book.


If you're doubting, take a look on the free pages.

My book is a compilation of all the years of professionally working as a brand identity designer. You can get it today for only 19.99$. But in case you're doubting, you can download some free pages first.